We are the first detergent manufacturer to introduce pure essential oils in the marketplace. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy – the practice of using natural oils drawn from flowers and other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

When you wash your laundry with Safonique – containing pure essential oil of Lavender – your clothes come out of the washer with a fresh, sweet, floral aroma known to soothe and relax. It is also hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin.

NO Toxic Chemicals!

You won’t any phosphate, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and petroleum-based ingredients or dyes in Safonique. Nor will you findoptical-brighteners that give your clothes the illusion of being brighter.

These potentially toxic chemicals leave a residue on your clothes and linens that can be absorbed into your skin causing allergies, headaches and other health problems. Babies are especially susceptible to these chemicals.

Because we love our planet and want to keep our environment safe and clean for future generations, Safonique is biodegradable. It also comes in an eco-friendly, easy-to-store pouch . . . containing 78% less plastic than what’s used in the average hard plastic laundry detergent bottle. That translates into less waste and less fuel for transportation.

Safonique is concentrated, so one small pouch washes up to 32 loads. It can be used in either standard or high efficiency (HE) models.

It cleans virtually anything – whites, colors, all cotton, blends and synthetics. And it works exceptionally well in either cold or hot water, and is safe for all washable and active wear fabrics . . . even delicates.

Compared to other natural detergents, our price is very affordable. Our goal is to make a safe, high-quality product available for families of all economic means.

An award-winning laundry detergent, Safonique is your best alternative to detergents that jeopardize your health and the environment.

Safonique Ingredients:

Naturally derived plant-based cleaning agents (coconut, palm kernel and corn-based surfactants), natural stabilizing agents, conditioning agents (derived from plant sugars), baking soda, natural enzymes, essential oils, and water.

Safonique – natural cleaning power – eco-friendly – cleans clothes
with a sea of lavender aroma

·      2x concentrated

·      32 loads

·      For standard and front load washers

·      Works with all water temperatures

·      Works in HE washers

·      Safe for all washable and active wear fabrics

·      No phosphates, synthetic dyes or perfumes

·      No animal testing

·      Hypoallergenic

·      Biodegradable

·      No SLS or SLES

·      Chlorine free

·      Phosphate free

·      Dye free

·      Paraben free

·      Formaldehyde free

·      Contains aromatherapy essential oils with a Lavender scent