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Safonique Is Not Just Another Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent...

We are the first detergent manufacturer to introduce pure essential oils in the marketplace. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy – the practice of using natural oils drawn from flowers and other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Safonique possesses the power of specially-formulated all-natural ingredients to wash your clothes immaculately clean. Many of our customers marvel at how well Safonique cleans their laundry compared to other leading brands laden with harsh, potentially harmful chemicals.

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Done Right!


Our Mission...

is to provide our customers and their families with the best “green” laundry detergent on the planet. This means our product uses only safe, hypoallergenic, and all-natural ingredients that meet the highest industry quality standards. It also includes pure aromatherapy essential oils to deliver a wonderfully clean, soothing, all natural scent.

Safonique cleans all types of clothes exceptionally well, but without the harsh, toxic chemicals that irritates sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions. Because we are committed to protecting our planet, Safonique is biodegradable, so it won’t harm human or aquatic life. Safonique also comes in an eco-friendly pouch that uses up to 78% less plastic than conventional detergents in hard plastic containers



Patricia's Journey...

“I consider myself extremely lucky . . . I was inspired to take advantage of my knowledge and experience in nursing, business, and manufacturing, and even as a wife and mother, to create the safest, best-cleaning laundry detergent in the marketplace.

“Safonique is my contribution for a toxin-free home and environment.”


Patricia Boswell, creator of Safonique

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