By Dana Vento

Three kids can create a lot of laundry in a house and I am forever just ‘tossing a load in’, but there are sometimes it just seems as if I am drowning in a sea of laundry.  Did you ever walk into your laundry room and really enjoy the smell that wafts through the air and into your olfactory? A very natural smell is lavender.  I have lavender plants in my gardens and simply love the scent they offer as it is natural and lightly fragrant without being over-powering.  Searching for a laundry detergent that is pretty natural is not an easy task, and I do this because I have kids with allergies, skin sensivitives and I need their clothes to be clean while not aggraviting skin conditions.  Does this combination of clean, fresh smelling and hypoallergenic exist?  In fact the combination of pure essential oils and hypoallergenic does exist in a revolution of laudnry detergent, sure to give you one of the best in clean and best in green!  Let’s lavishly live life out loud with a harmonious formula that offers both green compliance as well as being hypoallergenic.


What if I told you I know of an effective, eco-friendly formula for laundry that is phosphate free, biodegrabable, septic system safe, free of synthetic dyes and perfumes, fragranced with pure essential oils, and is not tested on animals.  Now let’s really push the envelope and learn that the packaging on the laundry detergent I have found is sustainable up to 78%, is that almost too good to be true?  Safonique is the brand that will stand up to your demands of high performance while naturally cleaning your clothing! Safonique Laundry Detergent uses natural borax to clean and it does so better than many products on the market.



My first test run of this product was on a load of whites.  I have to tell you I was skeptical.  I watched the water filter out of the laundry, I smelled a heavenly scent(which normally means nothing is clean, just scented) and then I tool the clothes out.  Clean and ready for the dryer is what I found.  I used cold water, I used hot water, and then I did the dreaded…. I had a load of hockey clothes. If you know anything about sports, intensify the smell about 100x and you have hockey funk.  This is water, dried up on clothing that kids and adult spit on, so you know that the smell is horrid and the clothing just smells like body odor in the worst possible way.  I generally have to clip my nose when I clean my sons clothing and imagine a locker room of this stench.  Well, today I took that clothing, and was in our mudroom.  I prepped the washer, placing the Safonique in the washer and then placed the clothes in.  First, probably the best thing I ever did was prep the washer, as the smell of lavender wavered through the air, making it breathable.  Second, I put the clothing in and when it came out I gave it the sniff test, and guess what, all was clean, no more spit or body odor smell, that funk was all gone.


One last quick note on Safonique:  The detergent comes in a flexible pouch, which reduces secondary packaging, but it makes really easy to work with and leaves nothing behind.  You simply use 2 oz per load (squeeze the pouch for 2 seconds) or use double the amount for heavily soiled loads.  The spout is resealable and you will LOVE the scent. This truly packs industrial-strength cleaning power to knock out the toughest stains, odors, and ground-in dirt. Because it’s hypoallergenic, Safonique won’t cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin like many popular brand name detergents often do, making it everyday perfect. 

Lavishly live laundry out loud with a great scented detergent that won’t cause allergic reaction but will bust up and dissolved odors, ground in dirt and stains!

Patricia Boswell