“I consider myself extremely lucky . . . I was inspired to take advantage of my knowledge and experience in nursing, business, and manufacturing, and even as a wife and mother, to create the safest, best-cleaning laundry detergent in the marketplace.

Safonique is my contribution for a toxin-free home and environment.” 

Patricia Boswell, creator of Safonique


Patricia A. Boswell’s Vision:

Create a safe, toxin-free environment for your body through the creation of the laundry detergent Safonique

In 2004, the Food Marketing Institute awarded Safonique its International  Health and Beauty Award for New Products, recognizing it is the first laundry detergent to include pure essential oils in its ingredients.  

* The thought process started in the 90’s to create a detergent safe for babies, families, and our planet. That’s when the tag “From Infancy Through Adulthood” was born and continues to be our mission.

* Safonique was created to be the go to detergent for the entire family/home, great for the planet, tough on stains and affordable to all.

* Knowing the Dorothy traveling to Oz effect, she faced many obstacles and setbacks along the way and stilled continued. If she didn’t, it wouldn’t be true to life or me.

* Safonique needed to have the special ingredients of satisfying the many needs of the consumer, such as cleaning power and qualities of the best ingredients. This empowered the birth of the powder, with front load washer capability of Safonique contained in a recyclable bucket, always keeping the environment in mind. 

* Then came the award winning liquid version with this incredible great aroma scent with pure essential oils, cleaning power and with keeping the environment as a focus using a recyclable bottle.

* As the dynamics of the environment became more of a focus with the masses of consumers Safonique became on the forefront in 2010 of having a footprint of 78% less then regular detergent bottles by creating Safonique for the use in a flexible pouch. While creating and working with a top chemist for these different versions of Safonique and keeping performance, with quality ingredients at a high level she needed to keep energy and patience to do all the necessary parts of launching a product three times. This means writing and up dating a business plan, retaining financing and partnering with a manufacturer.

Through all the years this laborious and, at times, nerve-wracking process took place; Patricia kept busy as a mother to two children and a wife to a college basketball coach. She also had to work around several moves when her husband changed coaching jobs. But Patricia persevered. 

Today, Safonique is sold in many stores across America, including Walmart Stores and Shop-Rite. It also can be purchased at Walmart.com and Amazon.com. 

Safonique is an Ability One Participant, collaborating with the Non-Profit Agency Helpful Hands. We help disabled individuals and veterans with work opportunities. 

Patricia states she is always “TRUE TO YOU AND HERSELF”